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On the Job Training:

Provides assistance to an employer who is willing to hire an individual who has no prior experience in the vacant position that needs to be filled by reimbursing up to 50% of the trainee’s wages during the specified training period.

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Customized Training

Aids help to offset the cost of providing training to a group of job applicants in a specific occupational skill area by reimbursing up to 50% of the eligible expenses, such as instructor’s salaries and training materials.

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Incumbent Worker Training

Provides funding to help eligible Tennessee businesses effectively train and retain employees by providing skills upgrades and process improvement training for existing, full-time employees.

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Job Listings

Aids help to employers who need job listings posted.
Web: access the TN Employer site, register, and submit job openings at
Phone: Simply call in the description of jobs that need to be filled.

Pre-screening Applicants

Analyze and pre-screen job applicants based on an employer’s minimum requirements and refer qualified candidates.

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On-site Screening

Provides assistance to take applications on site and perform testing for large plant openings or expansions.

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Office Space

We offer the availability for employers for use our office space and conference rooms to allow for privacy for interviewing prospective employees.

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Works with employers in their recruitment advertising and arrange for job applicants to use our office for application forms, pre-screening interviews, possible testing, etc.

Referral to Training

Assist employers with planning for future employment needs such as referrals for specific training though the workforce development programs.

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Youth Services

Designed to help eligible youth meet career and educational goals.

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Tax Credits

Helps alleviate your business tax burden and can be used in conjunction with provided training programs.

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