Who are we?

We are people-centered progress in Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia.

We elevate how we CARE, how we BUILD, how we WORK by partnering with people in need. We work to improve the lives of those who live in this region.

We cost-effectively provide staffing resources to local governments and deliver programs and services to the region. This forges a very unique partnership with local governments, creating a climate of success for individuals, families and businesses.

How do we get our job done?

We love collaboration.

Our work is accomplished by utilizing local, state, federal and private funds to deliver programs and services through 3 core business functions:

  1. SETBUILDS: Community & Economic Development (Including Planning & Local Government Assistance)
  2. SETCARES: Aging & Disability Programs
  3. SETWORKS: Career and Workforce Development

We perform many services and programs under these core business functions. To view a full list of services in each area, visit our services pages below:

What’s our promise to you?

We promise we will never forget what it feels like to be frustrated by bureaucratic systems.

We promise to listen to your needs and develop the smartest plan possible to help meet your goals by resourcing government programs, funding and services.