Rural Planning Organization (RPO)

Next RPO Meeting: Wednesday, May 29, 2024, 11am Eastern

TDOT Region 2 Auditorium

7512 Volkswagen Drive in Chattanooga

RPOs serve a similar function as Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) for the rural areas of the state. The purpose of an RPO is to involve local officials in multimodal transportation planning, through a structured process, to ensure quality, competence, and fairness in the transportation decision-making process. RPOs consider multimodal transportation needs on a local and regional basis, review long-term needs as well as short-term funding priorities, and make recommendations to TDOT.

RPOs assist TDOT with the following the duties.

  • Develop, in cooperation with the TDOT, comprehensive transportation plans
  • Provide a forum for public participation in the transportation planning process
  • Develop and prioritize suggestions for projects that the organization believes should be included in the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)
  • Provide transportation-related information to local governments and other interested organizations and persons
Office of Community Transportation (OCT) Region 2 Contacts
Bently Thomas| | (423) 510-1213
Kevin Layne | | (423) 510-1121