2023 Annual Planning Commissioner Training

Below are a selection of videos on varying topics.  Select from any of these to add to the training hours you have received for the year.  PC / BZA members are required to have at least one hour of training on private property rights, so please make sure to watch that video by Ashley Gates.  Some YouTube links are to publicly available content that is relevant to the field of planning, but are not produced by SETD.  These are still very informative and will count toward your annual training requirements.  Pro Tip: you can adjust the playback speed of YouTube videos by clicking the gear icon and adjusting the playback speed to watch them at a faster rate if you are a faster learner.    

To certify you have completed at least 4 hours of training in calendar year 2023, in accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated 13-3-101, 13-4-101, 13-7-106, and 13-7-205, please visit the link below to record your training hours.  If you have completed other training relevant this past year, there is an additional section to include the date, topic, and amount of hours for which you participated in training.  Also, for PC members, do not forget to file your Statement of Interests form with the Tennessee Ethics Commission by January 31, 2024.  



Planning Commission & Board of Zoning

Appeals Member Training

Presented by the Tennessee Chapter of the American Planning Association https://tennessee.planning.org/

With our nation still battling COVID-19, and out of concern for the well-being of our community leaders and staff, we canceled our in-person training session this year in favor of conducting the training online.  We know, missing that delicious meal at Sulphur Springs United Methodist is going to be a big let down.  Thankfully, the TN Chapter of the American Planning Association, who also had to cancel our Fall conference, moved training for our state's planners online this year in what they called "Get it Done Fridays".  With their permission, we are pleased to be able to share these training videos with you to help fulfill your required 4 hours of annual training required by Tennessee Code Annotated 13-3-101, 13-4-101, 13-7-106, and 13-7-205. 

More videos will be added soon as new sessions are taking place in the month of December.  Here you will find links to the videos as well as a link to SurveyMonkey for you to certify you have viewed the training materials.  Completing the survey after watching these videos will allow us to be able to issue you a training certificate for calendar year 2020.  

Session 1
Planning Commission/BZA Training
Deborah Fisher, TN Coalition for Open Government

Ms. Fisher will provide an overview of the open records and open meeting laws governing the State of Tennessee. She will review best
practices related to government transparency and will also provide an overview of how virtual meetings have been implemented across the
state along with lessons learned in this new meeting format.

Leslie Meehan, TN Department of Health

Ms. Meehan will co-present: As planners, most of us enter our profession with the deeply rooted goal of helping shape vibrant, livable communities that welcome all people. However, this aim too often gets sidetracked through the demand of navigating regulations, codes, and policies. How can we find a middle ground between these two, and is there even a way to balance them? This session will be a moderated dialogue where we’ll cover the planning moments that make us most proud, and the times that left us unsure of how to proceed. This discussion will be rooted in the recognition of our drive to be ethical practitioners and will include a discussion on how ethics manifests in everyday practice.

Session 2
Ethics Cases of the Year: 2020
Rebecca Ketchie, Attorney with Wilson Worley, Kingsport, TN
Session 3
Legal Training
Bill Terry & Sam Edwards
Session 4
Bike/Ped Crash Rates

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Passcode: @rfSFbe8

Every year, SETD planning staff conducts training for planning commission and BZA members throughout the region.  The training sessions meet the annual training requirement in TCA 13-3-101, 13-4-101, 13-7-106, and 13-7-205.  Participants who attend a training session receive a certificate of completion which documents that they have met the training requirement for that year.  Please contact SETD staff if you are interested in attending a future training session.


2017 Training Planning Commissioner & BZA Training

October 23 in Cleveland, TN & October 24 in Powells Crossroads, TN

Agenda (PDF)

Exercise 1 – Rezoning with a Future Land Use Map

Rezoning with FLUM Presentation (PDF)

Rezoning with FLUM Handout (PDF)

Exercise 2 – Planning Commission Trivia

Trivia Presentation (PDF)

Exercise 3 – Defining a “Subdivision” in Tennessee

Subdivisions Presentation (PDF)

Exercise 4 – “What’s Missing?” – A Look at Subdivision Plats

Plat Review Presentation (PDF)

Plat Review Checklist (PDF)

Plat for Review Exercise (PDF)

Please credit the Southeast Tennessee Development District when using our presentations.